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Sessions with Gisela will put an end to the days of food deprivation. Intuitive Eating made simple!

Services available:

– Nutrition Counseling

– Disordered Eating Support & Counseling

– Intuitive Eating & Mindfulness

– Healthcare Facility Menu Reviews

– Wellness Programs

– Supplementation Counseling

– Servicios tambien en español

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Gisela has been featured as a guest speaker and writer in media outlets such as ABC-7, Self, Redbook, and many more. Hire her for your next health segment or wellness event today.


“Gisela was my dietitian for 6 months. Her persistence and focus helped guide me through each day’s challenges in a positive and uplifting manner. She neither quit on me nor she allowed me to quit on myself. She is a superb dietitian and great motivator and I was lucky, and am honored, to know her and work with her on improving my overall health and lifestyle. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

Amber Hulsey


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