Why I Became an ISTS Student

Do you ever feel lost on what to post on social media or stress about what to post period??? If you’re like me, I definitely used to feel like that. I was at a complete loss on what type of pictures to post on my Instagram and what I could do to gain more followers as a new private practice dietitian. I wanted to learn to how appeal to my followers, get greater engagement on my posts, connect with my ideal clients, and increase my income by monetizing my Instagram account. I had no idea where or how to start until I found Instagram Secrets to Success (ISTS).

One day, one of my Instagram friends recommended I follow an account of a food blogger by the name of @stomachhalfempty. The owner of the account is Carla Biesinger. She told me I could learn a lot from Carla, but I never expected to learn as much as I have.

Soon after virtually meeting Carla, I learned about an online course she was offering to help you learn how to grow your Instagram and become successful on this virtual platform. I was very skeptical because I had tried other online courses before that were really expensive and none of them had provided me with anything valuable. Due to her rave reviews, friends’ recommendations, low price-point and my need for help, I took the chance and purchased the Instagram Secrets to Success program.

ISTS provided me with so much more than I could have ever imagined. Not only did I learn how to create more appealing posts, but also how to grow my following, increase my engagement, get noticed for sponsorship opportunities, and how to be authentic to my brand.

By the time I completed the ISTS course, I had grown my Instagram following from 500 dormant followers, to over 1500 extremely engaged followers, and my account keeps growing daily (currently at 3400!). I also earned my first paid sponsorship post and increased my Virtual Clients roster from 1 monthly client to 5, all within just a few weeks while completing the course. I made more progress on my social media platform in a few weeks than I had in 7 months.

Instagram Secrets To Success was truly the tool I needed to jump start my online platform. Thanks to the skills learned on ISTS, my business as a Nutrition Entrepreneur is growing. I am earning income through multiple streams and getting the opportunity to meet more and more people everyday. Thanks ISTS!!!

Interested in finding success the way I did? Click on the link here to start seeing the Instagram success you deserve, too!

Not sure if this course is for you? Feel free to reach out and email me with any questions about the course! I truly believe in it, and know it can help you achieve your goals, whether you want to grow your following, connect with potential clients, or work with brands and make some money on the side.